My Coaching Philosophy


As an Executive Coach, my mission is to help you achieve your career potential. I find that many women have not actively managed their career. Often times they lack confidence and allow negative self-talk, feeling that their success is a result of luck. I will support you as your coach, mentor and cheerleader. I will work with you to identify your career goals and determine what has been holding you back. Together we will create a career plan which leverages your strengths, builds your confidence, and improves your performance.

I have 25+ years experience in operations, strategy and sales plus held C-Suite positions in large media and entertainment companies. I have walked in your shoes - I understand the challenges you are facing and the skills needed to be a highly successful, effective executive. I will help you achieve your desired career goals.


  • The future of enterprise success is female.
  • Great leaders have the courage to be ok with imperfection.
  • Every workplace needs a "no assholes" policy
  • Persistence and drive are better indicators of future success than IQ.
  • Successful women make health and wellness a priority.