An Executive Coach Who Can Work With You & Your Team

What I Offer

Leadership Development

All of us have a vision of the kind of leader we would like to be. That definition is limited by the lens through which we see our potential. As we work together, we will create a new narrative—one built on your differentiating skills, experience, education, values, passions, and achievements; as well as, your opportunities to strengthen key aspects of your leadership trademark.

Crisis Management

In today's fluid global landscape, crisis management is an absolute necessity. Your differentiator is in how you lead through the crisis that you are facing, whether it be COVID related or a restructure to support diversity goals. We will work together to serve in the best interest of your company, your team and the customers you serve.

Executive Communication

Most executive performance evaluations include an extensive section on communication. The reason? It is one of the most critical skills required for a leader in today’s complex business environment. As you navigate your teams through the right mix of traditional and digital strategy, your opportunities for thoughtful, relevant, and trust-building communication expand exponentially. From presentations and public speaking to simple emails, we will find the right voice for you.

Career Transition

Survival…it is a word we often associate with career transition. However, survival is not a winning strategy. Transitions are times of great opportunity—opportunities to put your leadership to work, elevate yourself into a new role, take on greater accountability with more potential for positive change, learn something new, and create value. We will work together to turn your challenges into celebrations for you and your team.

Coaching Philosophy

My Mission

What is the story you tell yourself about how you got to where you are today? Was it luck? What is the right place at the right time? Many women executives have exactly what it takes to lead world-class teams and businesses; however, negative self-talk and a lack of confidence cloud the path to those opportunities. My mission is to help women meet and exceed their career objectives.

I will support you as your coach, mentor, and cheerleader. Together, we will identify those obstacles that are holding you back and create a career plan that leverages your strengths, builds your confidence, improves your performance, and, most importantly, moves you forward.

Highly Skilled and Experienced

I believe that:

  • Successful enterprise requires a diverse workforce.

  • The future of an enterprise’s success is diverse.

  • Great leaders have the courage to be okay with imperfection.

  • Every workplace needs a "no assholes" policy.

  • Persistence and drive are better indicators of future success than IQ.

  • Successful executives make health and wellness a priority.

I have developed these core beliefs over more than 25 years of experience in operations, strategy, and sales. As someone who has held C-suite positions in Fortune 500 companies, I have—at some point—walked in your shoes. I understand the challenges you are facing, the skills needed to be a highly successful and effective executive, and the process of building the confidence that you need. Let’s work together to help you achieve your goals.



If you are interested in learning more about your career potential, schedule an appointment with me today. I look forward to working with you.