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I wake up every morning and my husband is standing next to the bed with a tray that has a mug with coffee that contains just the right amount of steamed milk, a bowl of yogurt with berries and my iPhone. I smile, he kisses my check, I get out of bed and he proceeds to make it…hey betches, get real!


I wake up, I make the coffee, I microwave the milk, I bring him a cup while he watches “old fashion news” in bed and I run (no really, RUN) to the gym because I know I’m going to be late for my class. I hate the passive-aggressive nature of the women at this gym when you arrive late and try to squeeze into a spot…but I LOVE the instructors, the way I feel after I exercise and the gym is 2 blocks away. I smile on the walk home. I’m feelin’ energized, creative and ready to start my day. Quick shower, Daily Harvest shake and I’m totally ready to take on whatever projects come my way! What’s your routine?

Kim Martin

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